Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spot the popcorn - Contest 4

Find the popcorn!

In order to win, your comment must be the first one posted, include the location of the popcorn (in the picture) and your email address.

For more full details of the November Spot the Popcorn Contest, click here.

Good luck, and may the fastest commentator win!


  1. behind the purple flower middle left

  2. Good eye, lolamichele. I thought that was part of the yellow-orangish flower. I thought the popcorn was near the bottom left, attached to the bottom of that whitish flower. It looks like their chocolate drizzle caramel corn. I guess I'm just craving some, LOL. I'll leave my addy juuust in case. :)


  3. I'm thinking the popcorn is over top of the open purple flower that isn't blurred. It is to the right of it in the background, it is in between two flowers that are taller than it.

  4. The popcorn is over top of the open frosted purple flower that is in sharp view to the left of the photo.