Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Popcorn Palace Announces Curry-Copia, a New Flavor Created by Masterchef Finalist Sheetal Bhagat

"The first few bites show mild tones of curry spices and finish with a hint of sweetness.

We're proud to announce the introduction of our latest flavor, Curry-Copia. Developed exclusively by Fox’s Masterschef finalist Sheetal Bhagat, this subtly spicy treat is “inspired by the famous savory flavors of Bombay street food.” Bhagat describes “Curry-Copia as having a complex flavor profile; the first few bites show mild tones of curry spices and finish with a hint of sweetness.” 

The complex mixture of just the right spices and ingredients are what give Curry-Copia its unique taste. The ingredients include cardamom, cassia, celery powder, chili, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, and more!

Bhagat and Popcorn Palace both proudly call Chicagoland home, with Popcorn Palace based in Schiller Park and Bhagat making her home in Chicago. A teacher, Bhagat was raised in a traditional Indian household and credits her mother with being the biggest influence on her cooking, saying “I have carried her philosophy of healthy eating using only pure fresh ingredients into my cooking today.” See her in action as she describes how to make a great curry.

Her upbringing made her the perfect candidate to come up with this taste of the exotic. Bhagat and Popcorn Palace invite you to “lose yourself in Bombay with this enchanting and subtle curry popcorn!”

Order some Curry-Copia popcorn today!

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